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subTerrain: artworks in the cityfold
Indian Popular Culture. 'The Conquest of the World as Picture'

On Friday, Sept. 19, 2003, The House of World Cultures, Berlin, launched the festival - New Perspectives from India with a panoramic survey of contemporary Indian art and culture. This included the two exhibition openings: subTerrain: artworks in the cityfold and Popular Indian Culture. 'The Conquest of the World as Picture', both of which are presented here. Then India's dance rebel Daksha Sheth melded various elements of Indian dance and movement in a short performance before fusion band Indian Ocean rounded off the evening with a blend of Indian rhythms, jazz, rock and reggae.

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disguised as Jogi
Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Calcutta - not only does India have some of the world's largest megalopolises, these are also cultural centres of growing significance. This is where a new cosmos of images, sounds and gestures is developing, one that is gaining influence outside India as well. Bollywood, Bhangra Beat and Asian Dub are increasingly playing a formative role in global pop culture. At the same time, over the past few decades India's "urban bodies" have seen the emergence of a new generation of outstanding artists and intellectuals who formulate new perspectives in response to immense social transformations, translating classical body arts and visual culture into contemporary forms of expression. Drawing on the perspectives of prominent Indian curators, from September 19 to November 16, 2003, the House of World Cultures will present - New Perspectives from India, a program whose exhibitions, theatre productions, concerts, conferences, films, readings and youth events will introduce an India that is future-oriented, popular and intellectual. takes urban spaces as a point of departure for exploring contemporary India; these spaces reflect the complex interrelationships between globalization, local traditions and redesigned living spaces. This is the place where contemporary art production, spiritual body techniques, folk art and crafts, cinema and pop coexist. The cities are an ideal place to observe how traditional approaches are translated into contemporary forms of expression, and how they infiltrate and affect cultural practice in the "West".

Autumn Night centers around two major exhibitions in the House of World Cultures: one is subTerrain: artworks in the cityfold, an exhibition of contemporary Indian art. By contrast, the show Indian Popular Culture. 'The Conquest of the World as Picture' focuses on cultural history, examining the development of iconography in everyday Indian culture. The music program Rasalîla - The Play of Emotions brings together Western and Indian, traditional and contemporary sounds. It will premiere compositions developed in collaboration between the Ensemble Modern and outstanding Indian musicians and composers. The theatre program explores the fertile ground between Indian myths and everyday realities, featuring artists who have mastered techniques that are often thousands of years old, but who also work on contemporary issues and try out new theatrical concepts. Three interdisciplinary conferences will place squarely at the centre of current academic discourse. The literature program Voices of Resistance presents authors who confront general issues of globalization as well as the rise of Indian nationalism. The events will be rounded out with an unusual film program featuring Bollywood productions as well as documentary and art-house films.

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Cow of Deities,
Wish Cow has evolved in close collaboration with Indian curators Jyotindra Jain, Anuradha Kapur, Geeta Kapur and Ravi Vasudevan, all leading figures in the Indian cultural avantgarde, and - from Germany - Sandeep Bhagwati. An accompanying book - published in cooperation with Tulika Books from Delhi - highlights recent developments and their causes from the point of view of the curators and of leading Indian intellectuals.

The project is embedded in the Berlin Senate's Asia-Pacific Weeks, whose focus will be India.

Indian Popular Culture. 'The Conquest of the World as Picture'
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