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Wei Asian Arts

Head of Avalokitesvara
Southern Song (XII-XIII century)
Height: 48cm

The large impressive head is adorned by an elaborate high crown decorated with jewels, beads and scrollwork. At the centre a worn out image of Buddha Amitabha in meditation position on a lotus base circled by a flaming mandorla. Avalokitesvara, the Bodhisattva of Infinite Compassion , is generally represented with a Buddha in the crown.

The deity wears an expression of benevolence and calm. The full face is carved with a contemplative expression set with inward-looking downcast eyes.

Stylistically the features of the deity and the design and size of the crown are close to those of some of the Bodhisattva represented in the Buddhist grottoes of Dazu (Sichuan).

Ref : �Tang and Song Images of Guanyin from Sichuan� by Angela F. Howard � Orientations January 1990

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