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A rare jade-inlaid carved red lacquer box and cover
18th century
Length: 6 1/8 in, 15.5 cm

Of quatrefoil shape with straight sides, a foot of conforming shape, and gilt rims. The top is carved with waves and inset with prunus blossoms and leaves, finely worked in white jade with incised stamens, with greenish-black lacquer stems. The medallion is enclosed by bands of lotus lappets and interlocking T-pattern, which are mirrored above the foot. The sides are carved with a hexagonal floral diaper. The base and interior are lacquered black.

A hexafoil box with similar inlaid decoration is illustrated in Luzzato-Bilitz, Oriental Lacquer, pl. 12 and front cover. Note also a red lacquer cinquefoil box and cover carved with prunus on waves in Lacquer Wares of the Qing Dynasty: The Complete Collection of Treasures of the Palace Museum, no. 14, p. 23.

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