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Opera Gallery

Mao Bust – Big Red
By Jiao Xingtao
130 cm

Jiao Xingtao here uses a Big Red chewing gum paper to “wrap”, Christo-like, a bust of Mao Zedong. The combination of a Chinese icon with a Western brand refers to the idolization of American commercial culture in China and perhaps since a Chinese icon is packaged as if for export, to the current popularity of Chinese art in the West.

Jiao Xingtao’s sculptures are also a scathing criticism of the current state of consumer society and originate from the Chinese tradition which dictates that nothing be wasted and that everything be re-used. His works are clearly influenced by Marcel Duchamp, owe as much to the Pop Art aesthetic. Luxury logos and commercial symbols are reminiscent of Wang Guangyi’s Great Criticism series.

Jiao Xingtao is one of the most interesting artists from the post-70s generation.

Opera Gallery will present his very last creations, which some are still unknown from the public.

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