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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Exhibition Private - USA & Canada

Branching Out: The Miwa Family and the Hagi Tradition | The Kaneshige Family and the Bizen Tradition

Joan B Mirviss LTD
39 East 78th Street Suite 401,
New York, USA
May 17, 2022 To Jun 30, 2022

Detail: The widespread popularity and distinguished reputations that Japan’s ancient ceramic traditions enjoy today are largely indebted to a core group of mid-twentieth century artistic visionaries: among them, Kaneshige Tōyō (1896-1967) for Bizen ware and Miwa Kyūwa (1895-1981) for Hagi ware. Both men were inheritors to their highly esteemed, long-established, multi-generational family names that had been associated with excellence in their respective ceramic traditions for centuries. Together with scholar-potter Kawakita Handeishi (1878-1963), they co-founded the artistic discussion group Karahinekai in 1942, formed of artists who were dedicated to the recovery of lost techniques from the golden age of ceramics during the 16th century Momoyama period.

With a focus on teaware and vessels, they were wildly successful in their endeavors. Adapting their production, greatly expanding their styles, and influencing their brothers, sons, and grandchildren, they definitively transformed their family’s legacy from that of dutiful craftsmen to boldly modern artists. Joan B Mirviss LTD’s latest exhibition celebrates the past, present, and future of these two prominent families synonymous with excellence in BRANCHING OUT: MIWA FAMILY AND THE HAGI TRADITION and KANESHIGE FAMILY AND THE BIZEN TRADITION.

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