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Friday, December 02, 2022

Exhibition Public - Europe & Africa

Vision of a Moment - Japanese Prints 1950-1960

Ashmolean Museum
Beaumont Street,
Oxford, United Kingdom
Jan 28, 2022 To Sep 18, 2022

Detail: In 1961 the Japanese government presented the Ashmolean Museum with a set of forty works by Japan’s leading contemporary print artists. The gift was part of a cultural exchange between the UK and Japan, and also celebrated the establishment of a new Eastern Art Department in the museum.

This exhibition commemorates the 60th anniversary of this extraordinary gift and of the founding of the Eastern Art Department. It includes a range of abstract and figurative works, including woodblock prints, mezzotints and lithographs – all examples of sōsaku hanga ‘Creative Prints’, made by artists who embraced modernist ideals of artistic self-expression.

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Vision of a Moment
Vision of a Moment
Komai Tetsuro (1920–1976)
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