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Friday, July 01, 2022

Exhibition Public - USA & Canada

Our Blue Planet: Global Visions of Water

Seattle Art Museum
1300 First Avenue,
Seattle, USA
Mar 18, 2022 To May 30, 2022

Detail: MAR 18 – MAY 30 2022



Earth is known as the blue planet with water covering 70% of its surface. Artistic responses to water in this exhibition will offer a world tour to contemplate quiet rivers, remember journeys across stormy seas, savor days in swimming pools, and witness the changing role of water in our lives.

Relying on the museum’s holdings and local loans, this exhibition will also encourage reflection on the evolving status of our planet’s health. As questions are raised about global warming, rising sea levels and altered waterways, audiences are invited to step back from the regime of statistics and view how artists are fostering creative exchanges about the future of water.

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Awa Province, Naruto Whirlpools
Awa Province, Naruto Whirlpools
Utagawa Hiroshige, Japan
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