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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Exhibition Public - USA & Canada

Intimate Space: A Noblewoman’s Bedroom in Late Imperial China

Minneapolis Institute of Art
2400 Third Avenue South,
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Nov 14, 2020 To Nov 07, 2021

Detail: In the male-dominated society of imperial China, most women were physically restricted to domestic spaces. The center of a woman’s life was the bedroom, where she would sit alone or with others, working or pursuing leisurely activities. The furniture and artwork featured in this exhibition, all drawn from Mia’s outstanding collection of Chinese art, would have been found in a typical imperial Chinese woman’s bedroom. These objects reflected a woman’s educated and well-read social status, while also indicating her subordinate position as a woman in a man’s world.

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Child-Giving Guanyin (Sung-Tzu Guanyin)
Child-Giving Guanyin (Sung-Tzu Guanyin)
16th Century
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