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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Exhibition Public - Asia

Mountain House of Sliced Stones: Artworks of Shen Qin & Chen Qi

Asia Art Center
Dashanzi 798 Art Dist., No.2, Jiuxianqiao Rd,
Beijing, People's Republic Of China
Apr 24, 2021 To Jun 20, 2021

Detail: Both artists, Shen Qin and Chen Qi, were born in Nanjing, the ancient capital of the six dynasties. The literati atmosphere and vicissitudes of land in Jinling shape the literary temperament of artists Shen Qin and Chen Qi who are good at expressing historical and humanistic thoughts. The two have been friends for more than 40 years and have encouraged each other on the road of art. Shen Qin is good at ink and wash, and Chen Qi is especially good at water-print woodcut. In this way, two of them are immersed in their respective art fields to study and explore, and form their own systems relying on different media. Shen Qin's paintings are empty and clear, quiet and inactive. The abstract painting contains a kind of internality of Jiangnan culture, and at the same time it creates an ethereal and poetic space. In contrast, the formal language produced by Chen Qi's water-print woodcut is quiet and full of passion, pure in style and rich in cultural connotations.

Mountain House of Sliced Stones: Artworks of Shen Qin & Chen Qi is the third exhibition held by Asia Art Center for two artists, following the Artworks by Shen Qin & Chen Qi (Beijing) in 2015, Shen Qin & Chen Qi: Zero Degree (Taipei) in 2016. More than twenty latest artworks by two artists will be exhibited this time, especially the biggest size ink paintings entitled Mountain House of Sliced Stones by artist Shen Qin and Chen Qi's recent ink works will be displayed for the first time in this exhibition. The source of inspiration for this exhibition emerged since two artists visited the Mountain House of Sliced Stones in Yangzhou, May 2020, which is a classical garden building originally built in the Ming Dynasty. The stacked stones in the garden were passed down by the great painter, Shi Tao of the Qing Dynasty, which is regarded as 'the only precious specimen on earth'. The stacked mountains with single peaks, green mountains and beautiful clear ponds together present an extraordinary temperament. Being touched there, two artists met together to create artistic creations on the theme of Mountain House of Sliced Stones and held an exhibition to pay tribute to Shi Tao.

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