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The local community is regarded by THF as an integral part of the old town of Lhasa and must be an essential element of any urban renewal programme. THF's proposed masterplan for the regeneration of old Lhasa maintains the present mix of residential and commercial use to prevent any large-scale relocation from the town centre. Sustainability can only be achieved if the local community supports the project.


THF hygiene education in the Rongda courtyard

As the water and sanitation programme expands to reach more and more people, hygiene education as well as other basic teachings become very important to make the community take advantage (and make proper use of) the new improved facilities. Throughout 1999, THF conducted such education sessions in the project-affected houses and areas, supported by Canada Fund (see above).

THF also holds regular tenants' meetings in the project areas and houses affected. These meetings greatly strengthen the communal spirit, and help to overcome the lethargy which has contributed to the many years of decay and dilapidation in the old city. Many important problems still need to be solved, such as regular maintenance, garbage disposal, what to do in the case of blocked toilets etc. In the past, the general feeling has been "not my responsibility". It will take time to overcome this attitude.

The Community Programme runs as part of the THF Lhasa office.


Example of THF hygiene education, drawing by Ken Okuma.

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