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Demolition of the Tramsikhang

Demolition of the Tramsikhang.

1997 saw the demolition of most of the 300-year-old Tramsikhang Palace in the centre of Lhasa. Originally built by the Sixth Dalai Lama, many prominent figures in Tibetan history have stayed in Tramsikhang, and the palace had also served as official residence of the Qing emperors representatives in Lhasa. It is now being replaced by a four-story apartment block. On a positive note, the 60-meter-long facade of the building along Barkor street is being kept and renovated. Lhasa Archive Project Director André Alexander observes from lower left.


Facade of the Tramsikhang.

The facade of this old building, traditionally the site or house (khang) from which the sixth Dalai Lama observed the market (tramsi), has been left standing, though a hole has been punched through it (see below) to allow debris to be cleared.

Hole in Tramsikhang Facade

Hole in the Facade of the Tramsikhang.

A hole has been punched through the facade to facilitate the clearing of debris.

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