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Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust


The purpose of the Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust (KVPT) is to safeguard the extraordinary and threatened architectural heritage of Nepal. With seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites in a tiny area, the Kathmandu Valley boasts a concentration of monuments and townscapes of an importance almost unmatched in the world. The unique syncretism of Hindu and Buddhist cultures which gave rise to these monuments survives today in Nepal making their protection, repair and maintenance as "living monuments" all the more compelling.


The architectural heritage is diverse in age and type ranging from miniature Buddhist votive structures, called caityas, as old as the 7th century, an extensive range of medieval buildings from the famed Malla period (14th-18th centuries), the most active building phase in Nepal's history, as well as palace and temple structures from the last two centuries which incorporate Moghul and European influences.


Despite a number of local and bilateral conservation projects, the volume of monuments at risk far exceeds the available manpower and funds. Not only are a number of buildings in several World Heritage Sites awaiting urgently needed restoration, but in addition, every year throughout the Kathmandu Valley significant monuments such as monasteries, temples, and historic houses are lost. The provision of relatively modest funding could save them.

In response to the UNESCO International Campaign for Safeguarding of the Kathmandu Valley, the Trust was founded in 1990 to identify and help save endangered monuments in Nepal by publicizing, fundraising for, and implementing the most pressing projects-both large and small-in collaboration with His Majesty's Government Department of Archaeology. The Trust has been officially registered in the United States as a non-profit organization since 1991.


As a private non-profit organization the Trust is both model and the means for international involvement in the preservation of the cultural heritage of Nepal. Not only have a number of unique matches combining international, local, public, and private funding been achieved, but working as an independent, private agency the Trust has been able to achieve the highest technical standards in international restoration and conservation. Providing personalized work and training opportunities for young Nepalese professionals and artisans has been a key components in every conservation project.

The importance of the funding and implementation models established by the Trust cannot be overstated, their being in effect the first mechanisms to encourage private sector support in international-standard conservation in Nepal. Three conservation projects currently in progress are exceptional as precedents where private corporations and individuals have adopted local monuments and sites. These donors include both Nepalese and foreign individuals and companies.

To date, the Trust remains the only international non-profit dedicated to this cause and the only organization to maintain a continuous presence in Nepal, acting as both a watchdog agency and a resource for the coordination of international and local efforts. Having completed numerous projects since its inception, this year the Trust notably received the ultimate vote of confidence in the form of financial support from members of the Nepalese royal family.

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