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Gold lacquer Burmese offering vessel OA 1993. 11- 17.1
Late 19th - early 20th Century

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General Information

Entry requirements
Students should normally possess a Bachelor's degree or its equivalent. Other qualifications such as published works or appropriate professional experience may also be considered. The minimum age for admission is 20. Applications from mature students are strongly encouraged. (Fluent, written and spoken English, to British Council IELTS Level 7 or TOEFL 550 or equivalent is required). Non-standard applicants are considered on their merits, and may be asked to submit written work for appraisal and/or attend an interview.

Application Procedures
The following should be included with the application form :

o One application form and a 500-word statement of personal interests
o Two academic references in sealed envelopes.
o Mature students are expected to provide at least one professional
    reference, supplemented with a writing sample.
o Two passport size photographs
o A validated copy of school and/or university transcripts
o Documentation of English language ability, if English is not the applicant's first language

Early application is advisable for all courses. The fee is payable no later than one month before the start of term.

Extra English can be arranged for a student if required.

Applicants will be invited to attend an interview with the Course Director, who will assess the candidate's commitment and aptitude. The interviews can be arranged throughout the year. Applicants will normally be tested during this interview with relevant images and will be expected to talk about them. It gives the opportunity of the interviewer to assess the applicant's visual awareness although the applicant will not be expected at this stage to give an accurate assessment of style or provenance. No special preparation for this interview is necessary. Enthusiasm and motivation are essential. (Telephone interviews can be arranged if required).

Terms of Enrolment
Those responsible for the Programme reserve the right to amend the content and timing of the courses. Where possible, notice will be given but this cannot be guaranteed. They also reserve the right to discontinue any whole or part of any programme described in this prospectus. The information in this prospectus is as far as possible accurate at the date of publication. This Prospectus describes courses, which are scheduled for the period from April 2001 - July 2003.

Students are responsible for their own accommodation and are strongly advised to allow ample time to make suitable arrangements before their course begins. Contact addresses are available.

£3650 per twelve week module, payment in advance.

The course faculty are always prepared to give confidential references to prospective employers to assist students in finding appropriate work. Advice on career opportunities is also provided by the Course Director.

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