The Changkya Huthugthu Rölpai Dorje

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Figure 4: The Qianlong Emperor as an universal ruler with the Wheel of Law cakra, emanation of the bodhisattva Manjushri with the book of knowledge and the wisdom sword, the folded huthukthu hat of the Tibetan monk Rölpai Dorje, surrounded by an entire Tibetan Buddhist pantheon.
Thangka from Xumifushou temple, Chengde, now in the Palace Museum, Beijing.
Size 111 x 64,7 cm (here the central part only).
After Thangka Paintings in the Collection of the Palace Museum. Beijing 2010, p. 59.

An inscription below the throne architecture says: “King of Dharma, Great Being, manifestation of Manjushri's arrow-like wisdom in human form. May you have long life on the vajra throne and the good skills that your wishes will be fullfilled spontaneously” ('jam dpal mon po mi'i rje bor / rol ba'i bdag chen chos kyis rgyal / rdo rje khri la zhabs brtan cing / bzhed don lhun grub skal pa bzang)

See also Fig. 20a, Thanka of the Qianlong Emperor as Manjushri, the Bodhisattva of Wisdom, Freer Gallery of Art F2000.4 of very similar composition and almost exactly the same size.