The Changkya Huthugthu Rölpai Dorje

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Figure 19: Tripartite wooden panel screen depicting the Qianlong emperor in his heavenly palace abode (as bodhisattva Manjushri), surrounded by a multi-figures Tibetan Buddhist pantheon.
Yuhuage temple, memorial shrine for Rölpai Dorje, Beijing, Forbidden City.
Painting on silken ground.
The small carved statuettes in the roundels are only partly preserved. The two calligraphies read: zhi zhu san jie zheng zhen ru, “The pearl of wisdom manifests the suchness of the Three Worlds” (left), Fo ri jiu ceng xuan zui shang, “The sun of the Buddha is the highest above the nine stages of existence” (right).
Late 18th century.
Photo courtesy of the Palace Museum, Beijing.