The Changkya Huthugthu Rölpai Dorje

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Figure 13: Rölpai Dorje with vajra and ghanta, and the Manjushri attributes of the book of knowledge and the wisdom sword.
Above from left to right: 3rd Panchen Lama (1738-1780), Padmasambhava, 7th Dalai Lama (1708-1757), below the Yellow Pita Jambhala, blue six-armed Mahakala, White Sita Jambhala (not illustrated here is the left panel cloth painting depicting Rölpai Dorje's principal protecting deity Usnisavijaya).
Size 63 x 38,5 cm (including the original red-lacquered frame).
Several nearly identical paintings of the Huthukthu are existing.
Christopher Bruckner collection, London.