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Below please find links to other maps, and three photos of the find spot
detail of map
Detail of a Map of Kathmandu showing the spot where the Jaya Varma sculpture was found. Map is a detail of the Nepal-Kartenwerk der Arbeitsgemeinschaft für vergleichende Hochgebirgsforschung Nr. 21, Munich, Germany. Please use the links below for further enlargements and a map showing the ancient settlements.

large map | even larger map (140K) | map showing ancient settlements

find spot, approaching from South facade of find-spot house/shop
Approaching the building that was the cause of the Jaya Varma find. Approach from the South. The facade of the find-spot building, a combination shop/house. View from North.

north side of house
The North side of the house where the the sculpture was found. Author Kashinath Tamot points out the pillar whose excavation caused the sculpture to be unearthed.

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