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March 28 2000:

Linden Museum Stuttgart,

Dear Authors,

Much appreciating your article and discussion on the Jayavarman statue, I wopuld like to help your readers to avoid a confusion in stylistic orientation concerning the   referenced Indian images:

your fig.17 Ka-rttikeya [not "200 BC"]should read "dated in Year 11 (of the 2nd Kushana century= Y.111) i.e. 189 CE (or rather ca. 234 to 254 CE)"

Ref. to J. Rosenfield 1967 op.cit. in your footnote 21, ADD "fig. 49".

In the same section 5 of your article Lines 5f should read "...comparable with yaksha figures from Pre-Kushan periods (see figs.14 to 16) and Kushan period in India (see figs. 17 to 20)."

I must confess that Khanal's article was not available to me, so I am unaware about his stylistic comparisons.

Most sincerely.

We very much appreciate Mr. Kreisel's corrections, which have been incorporated - with thanks -  in the article.

Kashinath Ramot and Ian Alsop

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