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Engagement with Jain Visual Culture
A Postscript dated August 18, 2020

When I wrote the article in the early days of the current pandemic I forgot to mention the kind cooperation of the CSMVS of Mumbai and its then director and a close friend, the late Sadashiv Gorakshakar. Along with the institution, he served as the nodal agency for the loans from India, which contributed enormously to the success of the exhibition.

Secondly, a few weeks after the article appeared in, my former colleague at the Marg Foundation in Mumbai, Ms. Savita Chandiramani brought to my attention an article that appeared in the newspaper The Times of India titled “Thousands of Japanese Making a Smooth Transition from Zen to Jain,” on February 23, 2020 ( This came as a big surprise as I did not know that the land of the Rising Sun having transformed the form of Buddhism known in India as Dhyana Chan (Chinese) into Zen has now become interested in Jainism. It is interesting to note that the Japanese came to Indian to discover Jainism without any proselytization on the part of the Jains.

I strongly commend this article to the readers of my article to engage with the continued spread of Jainism beyond the borders of the subcontinent in the 21st century some two and a half millennia after the launch of the religion inspired by Mahavara. Better late than never!

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