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Figure 3: Licchavi Lipi, by Dr. Nayanath Paudel
Published by Pramila Paudel, Kathmandu
2078 Chaitra 27, Ramnavami, (April 2022)
704 pages (688 + 16)
price: NRs 1200

Licchavi Lipi is a book-length analysis of the characters used In Nepal during the Licchavi period, (ca. 400 to 750 CE). It shows examples of the Licchavi script characters used in the original inscriptions of the Licchavi period, including vowels, consonants, combined characters, various types of numbers and quantifiers and symbols.

The book aims to use the original material of Licchavi inscriptions and analyze the subject of Licchavi script in a detailed and systematic way, using specific examples of Licchavi script from photographs and rubbings throughout. Written in Nepali, this book is a unique document for the study of Nepal’s earliest script.

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