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The Sculpture of Chöying Dorjé, Tenth Karmapa

Fig. 8.3: Standing/crouching male figure with skull-head staff, perhaps Yama
Chöying Dorjé (1604-1674)
Tibet; 17th century
Copper alloy with pigments
Height: 8 1⁄2 in. (21.5 cm)
Jokhang/Tsug Lhag khang, Inv. no. 169[B]
Inscription: rje btsun chos dbyings rdo rje'i (phyag bzo) byin rlabs can. (some damage to "phyag bzo") "A spiritually charged [statue] made by the venerable Choying Dorje."

Photograph by Ulrich von Schroeder, 1995
Literature: U. von Schroeder 2001, pp. 756-757, pl. 176A-D; U. von Schroder 2008, pp. 110-111, pl. 31B; and U. von Schroeder 2008, DVD, pl. 108:31B.