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Contact: Marsha Vargas Handley

on-line gallery opened: 06 Jul. 2007
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Africa Highlights from the broad range of African cultures include bewitching jewelry and amulets from Saharan and Berber peoples, antique illustrated scrolls from the Ethiopian highlands, currencies, masks, furnishings and dazzling textiles.

Asia: China

Asia: China Chinese neolithic ceramics to Qing dynasty snuff bottles are among the many treasures in the Xanadu Gallery collections.

Asia: India

Asia: India From classical Gandharan sculpture to nineteenth century Rajasthani carvings and traditional textiles, Xanadu Gallery presents a wide and diverse collection of Indian art and antiquities.

Asia: Himalaya

Asia: Himalaya Xanadu Gallery's offerings from the "roof of the world" include medieval bronzes, icons, and thangkas from the Buddhist cultures of Tibet and Nepal.

Asia: Southeast Asia

Asia: Southeast Asia Buddhist bronzes from Thailand, glorious Khmer sculptures and tribal silver and textiles are among the many wonders Xanadu Gallery offers from a vanishing world.

Asia: Japan

Asia: Japan Extensive collection of fine antique netsuke and related items including gold lacquer inro, pipecases and tonkotsu. Japanese woodblock prints from Hiroshige to Yoshida are available as well as a select group of ceramics, bronzes and other decorative works of art.


Oceania Extensive collections from Papau New Guinea including warshields, ritual objects, shell ornaments as well as a very select group of Western Australian aboriginal objects.


Jewelry A unique selection of fine ethnic antique and traditional jewelry from around the world including tribal pieces and excavated Roman and earlier amulets and beads. | Galleries | Xanadu Gallery Website