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3. Uzbek Rug "Bravery of Jalaleddin" Design
Width: 130 cm (52 inch)
Length: 250 cm (100 inch)
Weight: 7.000 kg(s)
Uzbek Rug

Rugs in our Uzbek collection have very soft wool piles and generally have geometric patterns. Uzbek rugs are made by skilled Uzbek weavers with high quality wool, and often, highlights of silk. The Uzbek Bokhara, Yomut, and Caucasian designs in particular have proved to have enduring popularity and demand for their attractive simplicity and elegance, along with the very soft and luxurious feel of the thick and lustrous shining.

Benefits of hand made rugs?
The main benefit of hand made rugs - durabilty and long lasting. (average lifetime is 250-300 years). The diversity of patterns and dimensions, unique color spectrum and composition solutions positively distinguishes these hand-mades from machine mades. Centuries old traditions has been formed as that natural hand made rugs are made predominantly from natural fibres of wool, silk, cotton and natural vegetable dyes.
The person who preffers healthy way of life choses evrything natural. Main advantage of these rugs is they prevent from rheumatism and various deaseases of bones of lower limb.

Why it is recommended to buy only hand made rugs?
Unlike most things that we buy, hand-woven quality rugs do not loose their value. On the contrary, after years when the worth of other goods like cars, furniture, clothes etc. is reduced to a fraction of their previous price, a rug is just in the beginning of its life cycle. Not only will it keep its timeless beauty and usefulness but it will even appreciate in value.

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