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Santa Fe, New Mexico

Gallery: Seven
Special Exhibition: LHASA TRAIN


A special exhibition in our gallery September 22 through October 15, 2006. 20 Artists from Tibet's capital interpret the arrival of the Beijing-Lhasa rail service. A year ago, Peaceful Wind commissioned the Lhasa artists of the Gedun Choephel Artists Guild as well as a few other artists to mark this important event in Tibet's history with a painting. This exhibition is the result. We are negotiating the sale of the entire group. If you are interested in an individual painting, please let us know and we can contact you if we decide to sell the paintings individually.

Gallery 1: Featured Items  |  Gallery 2: Fine Himalayan and Indian Sculpture  |  Gallery 3: Himalayan Painting  |  Gallery 4: Fine Manuscript Covers  |  Gallery 5: Fine Tibetan Furniture  |  Gallery 6: Contemporary Tibetan Painting  |  Gallery 8: Contemporary Traditional Himalayan Art  |  Gallery 9: Ritual Objects  |  Gallery 10: Household and Domestic Objects  |  Gallery 11: Masks  |  Gallery 12: Jewelry  |  Gallery 13: Rugs and Textiles  |  Gallery 14: Affordable Fine Sculpture  |  

on-line gallery opened: 17 Mar. 1995
last updated: 20 Sep. 2006
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  Jigme Trinley<br>Watching the Train
Jigme Trinley
Watching the Train
  Tsewang Tashi<br>West (Railway)
Tsewang Tashi
West (Railway)
  Gade<br>Railway Train
Railway Train
  Jhamsang<br>First Railway
First Railway
  Tsering Nyandak<br>Who Goes Furthest
Tsering Nyandak
Who Goes Furthest
  Shelka<br>Last Caravan
Last Caravan
  Yak Tseten<br>Self Portrait: A Trip to China
Yak Tseten
Self Portrait: A Trip to China
  Nortse<br>006/7 No.1
006/7 No.1
  Angsang<br>Buddha vs. Train
Buddha vs. Train
  Tserang Dhundrup<br>Man and Train
Tserang Dhundrup
Man and Train
  Somani<br>Christina Dolma
Christina Dolma
  Keltse<br>Sky Road
Sky Road
  Tsering Namgyal<br>Plateau Railroad
Tsering Namgyal
Plateau Railroad
  Tenzin Jigme<br>Three Emotions
Tenzin Jigme
Three Emotions
  Tenzin Jigme<br>Laughter
Tenzin Jigme
  Penpa<br>Three Generations on Three Roads
Three Generations on Three Roads
  Jangyung<br>Flown Away With Happiness
Flown Away With Happiness
  Zungde<br>Crowded Train
Crowded Train
  Zhang Ping<br>Train
Zhang Ping

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