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Posted By: rat
Posted Date: Jan 19, 2017 (10:56 AM)

Good question, the seal in the first photo is a collector's seal and is more likely to be associated with an identifiable individual than that in the second photo, which is also a collector's seal but seems to be meant to name a cyclical year when it was impressed on the painting. I haven't seen an example of that before though, so maybe I am misreading it. Mikeoz and others will have some good alternative suggestions I expect.

The first seal seems to read (in simplified characters):
and is likely meant as the collector's name for his studio or library, and as such an extension of himself. Will see if I can find who it belongs to later.

the seal in the second picture is a bit harder to read but seems to me to be
or "year of x x"

Let's see what others suggest.

Neither of these seals is likely to belong to the artist who painted the picture, who was probably an anonymous professional called on to memorialize the guy in the red cape and his close friends (the older men of the group on horseback who also seem to be painted as portraits, unlike the relatively generic younger boys and ladies)

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