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Re: Re: Very esoteric jade piece to share

Posted By: CollinC
Posted Date: Mar 09, 2019 (07:57 AM)

Thank you both gentlemen for your good comments. Personally I don't think this piece is derived from Hongshan design, this piece IMHO is more like an out of place design from any era that I have known of and I am still wondering of the design it originated from. I have occasionally fondling this piece date from my lastest posting and today I have discovered there are some very minute surface changes in this jade, let me find an opportunity to post some photos here next time. Personally I feel this is a jade indeed but more like those provincial material like xiuyan nephrite or the likes. One point to note, the inner-lines carving of the jade is not made by modern day tool because under a 20x loupe the lines are jagged and very prominent around the curved areas which clearly presented the labourious works the craftman might have endeavoured. Logically using this type of carving works are not viable in this modern times.

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