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2 - Painter, meaning, time?

Posted By: I.Nagy
Posted Date: Mar 02, 2018 (06:05 AM)

Thank you for the nice readable pictures, Inscription reads,
9th Year of Tongzi and the Year of Metal-Horse (1870)
呉昌碩 - Wu Changshuo - Surname and name of painter
Seal reads,
昌碩 - Changshuo (not Lu Ching - very irregular
cutting form of "昌”it rather looks "侶" Lu)

Wu Changshuo 1844-1927 well known painter, seal-cutter and calligrapher of late Qing era.

In my ID dictionary there are 40 signatures samples,
no one of them is resembling this one. Wu had very
difficult to counterfeit characteristic signatures.
This signature is just written in simple semi-cursive style.
The second problem is with the nicely cut seal. Among 134 seal print samples there is only one which
is close to our one, but in the "昌" character in the seal print we do have one extra long vertical stroke. Furthermore the second "碩” characters`
right under part the curly tails are differently curved.
The smudged blot around the seal is enough evidence
of tampering with the seal. Many cases original seal
impression are transferred this way - this is a botched example.

With regards,

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