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Cloisonne Chinese teapot

Posted By: Marc
Posted Date: Oct 31, 2017 (08:47 AM)

Hello folks, this is my first posting to this message board, found it while doing a research on cloisonne. I am an antique picker and come across a lot of recent made Japanese and Chinese cloisonne in the past years. This one one however has intrigued me from the first time i had it in my hands.

Cloisonne is not my strength at all and i was hoping to have some insight from this forum.

Here is what i found so far;

The scene is a 5 claws dragon among clouds, making it Chinese in origin.

The cloisonne wiring is uneven and rules out being machine made.

There are darker spots coming out of the enamel, solder bleeding out during firing?

Some of the enamel seems to bleed out into each other.

The lighter colors in the clouds seem to have been archived by mixing with the white enamel.

The colors used seem to remember the ones used on older pieces.

The wiring is overall oxidized to black, i did a soft cleaning to one side of the dragon and the wiring came out showing all the detail.

I am not sure if the wiring or the base is copper or brass.

The inside is enameled as well, why would this be done if not to strengthen the base or make it water tight?

The base has a mark that i haven't seen before, maybe an artist seal?

This piece was found in a estate.

Old or new?

Looking forward to your feedback.

Thank you

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