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Posted By: Marvin Allen Sat, Sep 02, 2017 IP:

Any info will do second time posting. Thanks

Subject:Re: Picture
Posted By: I. Nagy Sun, Sep 03, 2017

The inscription reads on your picture,
貂蝉拝月 Diao Chan pays respect to the moon
Diao Chan is one of the Four legendary beauties
in the Han dynasty
乙丑 夏  Summer of the Wood Buffalo Year
(Cyclical dates which are repeated every 60th year)
Signature, 實夫 Shifu (Solid man)
(This is an art name)
Reading of seal,
覃昌畀画 Picture of Tan Changbi (Family and courtesy name of painter)
Sorry but I could not find any painter on Chinese sites with this name.
With regards,

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Subject:Re: Picture
Posted By: Marvin Mon, Sep 04, 2017

Thanks for the info. I don't really know what to do with it my wife wants me to throw It away. Don't know if it was of any value.

Subject:Re: Picture
Posted By: Bill H Tue, Sep 05, 2017

This screen is a type often hung as wall art. Similar screens were quite common in Hong Kong stores that catered to foreign tourists and expatriates in the late 70s-early 80s. Hong Kong wholesale stores I visited there at the time were overflowing with such art, not only screens but some sold wallpaper hand-painted with such art in sizes sufficient to cover walls 12 feet wide by 8 feet high, which I recovered at my Mid-Levels flat for a few hundred U.S. dollars plus labor (can't remember the exact total right offhand).

Age, in the case of your screen, is evident from the modern style of figural painting, which shows a generational gap compared to period works. For value, since you don't mention size here, I'd suggest you go to auctioneer websites such as and search their archives for results in similar sizes and motifs (you may have to sign up with them but it's worth it).

Best regards,

Bill H.

Subject:Re: Picture
Posted By: Will Tue, Sep 05, 2017

Diao Chan? Nice.

Since I collect paintings about the topic Three Kingdoms I might be interested if you decide to part with it. (still looking for an antique painting of Lu Bu but I doubt there was ever made one)

Not quite sure how much I would want to pay for it though.

As I am located in Germany it would also depend on the size of the painting and the shipping costs.


Subject:Re: Picture
Posted By: Marvin Allen Mon, Sep 11, 2017

The size of picture height: 3' X width: 6' . If you want to buy it I can take it and get the shipping cost if you send address. Make me an offer. Thanks | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |