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Subject:Signed large Chinese landscape painting
Posted By: David Zamora Fri, Mar 03, 2017 IP:

I picked up this beautiful 24"x49" Chinese painting today and was hoping someone could give me information on the writing and artists signature, as well as any information on the subject. It appears to be ink brush and watercolor. It is not a print. It's framed within a linen floral pattern style of matting and is framed in wood that has been carved to look like bamboo. The painting itself is absolutely gorgeous and extremely detailed. There are thousands of individual painted leaves and branches from the vegetation if you look's surreal. Any information on this would be most welcome. Thank you! -Dave

Subject:Re: Signed large Chinese landscape painting
Posted By: rat Sun, Mar 05, 2017

You have an attractive picture that's pretty recently made but actually I think that it is a print/mass-produced (for example, the man's head is colored blue like the surrounding vegetation, but someone who handpainted individual leaves would surely not apply color so carelessly). The artist's name given in the signature and seal is Tang Di 唐棣. However Tang Di was a Yuan painter who died in 1364, and his surviving works are stylistically different from your picture:

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