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Subject:Japanese painting
Posted By: benbenny Sat, Feb 25, 2017 IP: 2a02:0c7d:04b6:5b00:

This lovely Japanese painting we had hanging for years in our daughters room. Was wondering who this artist was. ???
It shows daily activities like sewing, washing, picnicking
Bottom left is the seal signature in gold paint.
Cant read the last symbol.

it is not a woodprint.

It is fairly large about 19.5x14 inch and painted on quality paper what looks like cotton paper with some age to it. Always thought it was mid late 20th century because of the paper, the way its painted and the style, or am I wrong. I will upload some closeups where you can see which paper is used and closeups of the layers of paint, imperfections and other giveaways which point to brush aquarelle.

see link below for more pics

There is also a deception of three women writing something down on wind fans.
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