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Subject:Dismantling of antique chinese cabinet
Posted By: Ben Mon, Feb 20, 2017 IP:

Dear all,

Recently I have aquiered a pair of late qing dynastie hebei (?).
Cabinets. They are compound cabintets, but the pair of smaler two door cabinets that have been sitting on top of them is lost.
Acording to the previous owner they are about 130years old and made from massive elmwood. I got an valuation for them from a respectable auction service and they confirmed age and authenticity of the cabinet as late qing dynastie.
I wanted to keep one for myself, while the other one was intended as a gift to my mother. Problem is it doesnt fit through the stairways at her place. No way.
Now my question is if according to your experience it may be possible to dismantle the cabinet, and reasemble it at the desired location?
Probably a nonsense idea, but there is definitely no other chance, or I would have to sell it...

Thanks a lot for any help!

Kind regards
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