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Subject:Chinese Cloisonne Teacup and Saucer for review
Posted By: John Cabello Wed, Feb 15, 2017 IP:

I recently picked up this beautiful Chinese Gilded Cloisonne Teacup & Saucer. The cup has twin Chiwen dragon handles. The quality of the cloisonne work is very fine. I think it may be Qianlong or Jaiqing. Could anyone advise me, please?

Posted By: beadiste Sun, Feb 19, 2017

There was a revival of nice Chinese cloisonne in the 1890s, using bright enamels from Boshan glass. Many nice things were also made in the early 20th century for display and export for the such venues as the St. Louis and San Francisco exhibitions. The brass dragon handles reminded me of the many ewers with dragon handles that are from these decades. The style of the lotus flowers seems very late-19th century, following an early Qianlong style. The gilding resembles that on DeXing plates.

Merely my overall first impression, not expert analysis.

Subject:Re: Guangxu
Posted By: John Cabello Mon, Feb 20, 2017

Hi Beadiste Sun.
Thanks for your advice. It will help me to continue my research. The teacup and saucer did come with another piece which appears to be Ming and a jade Bi-Disk. I have also included these on the forum. I'll post any new information I come across
Kind regards
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