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Subject:170 year old vases
Posted By: darryl huxley Wed, Aug 12, 2009 IP:

Can anybody help identify these pieces? We think they are 170 years plus there are more items
Many thanks

Subject:Re: 170 year old vases
Posted By: Cal Thu, Aug 13, 2009

You had already response regarding dinnerware with 'moriage' enamel blobs, and vases of similar age all factory mass-made for export after 1870s.

Good luck,

URL Title :moriage

Subject:Re: 170 year old vases
Posted By: Arjan Thu, Aug 13, 2009

Sorry Darryl, I can't give another answer as I did on the message board:

"This is Japanese but that you probably all ready knew. It's Satsuma ware with moriage (raised enamels with use of white slip) decoration. With this dragon decoration also called "Dragonware". I can't tell you anything about the value but I don't think you can reach 170 years with them. My guess for the age is about 100 years. (late meiji/Taisho period)."

Best regards,


Subject:Re: 170 year old vases
Posted By: Michael Thu, Aug 13, 2009

Hello Darryl,

Yes, this pair of vases and covered jar are Japanese Satsuma from the early 20th century, perhaps circa 1910-20.

On the base you show a paper label there is a red rectangle. Originally on the rectangle was the artsit's signature in gold paint which has obviously worn away, all too common with this type of signature.

I recognize these pieces stylistically as being made by the noted Satsuma artist Hododa also spelled Hodota.

Here are pictures of a signed piece from my collection.

If you do an Internet search with the terms Satsuma + Hododa you will find other examples of pieces like these.

Best regards,

Subject:Re: 170 year old vases
Posted By: Maria Tue, Apr 11, 2017

Hello Michael,
Yes you are right about the years of the Satsuma Hododa.
Your vase is beautifull.
If you are interested on buying a Satsuma Tea Set for your own collection I am selling mine. Please contact me [email protected]

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