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Subject:Chinese scroll info
Posted By: Jeffrey Leach Sat, Jan 19, 2008 IP:

I have a Chinese scroll that I would like any information or insight that I can get. This scroll was presented to a U.S. electric utility in 1985 by then Vice-Premier of China Li Peng. I am including 3 photos. Photo #1 is the entire painted area of the scroll, photo #2 is the writing on the scroll, and photo 3# is what I believe to be the artist's mark. This scroll is sealed in a glass case and photography was very difficult so please forgive the poor photography and the reflections in the glass. Any comments, translations, or suggestions for other resources where I might gain info regarding this scroll are greatly appreciated. Thanks


Subject:Re: Chinese scroll info
Posted By: hallo84 Tue, Jan 22, 2008

Most likely a very good reproduction of the real thing. Personally I don't think Li Peng would bring something this valuable and present it as a gift. The rule is anything older than Qian Long doesn't leave the country. But then again he's the vice premier so who knows...

The name on the painting "Xue Ju" belongs to a ming dynasty artist and master calligrapher named 孙克弘 "Sun Ke Hong" 1532-1611. Sun is a native of Shanghai. The style of painting and the calligraphy seems right to me.

I'd appreciate it if you can take a picture with the glass framing removed so I can see the real painting to further determine its authenticity.

Subject:Re: Chinese scroll info
Posted By: Jeffrey Leach Fri, Jan 25, 2008

Thank you for your comments and insight. I would tend to agree with the value aspect. I have no pipe dreams of becoming wealthy overnight. Although I do not think this is some ancient work of art, I also do not believe the Chinese delegation that presented it ran out to walmart to pick it up either. I am curious as to what part gave you your information. I have very limited resources and am unable to find any info regarding "Xue Ju" or "Sun Ke Hong". Is it the caligraphy that divulges the info or the chop mark? I'm curious as to exactly what the caligraphy says. Please forgive my ignorance. If this is a copy of something done by a Ming dynasty artist, perhaps there is some record of the original that I could look up to get more info.

I am hesitant to remove it from the glass case that it is in. I would literally have to disassemble the case to do so, but if I did, is there a particular area or aspect of the artwork that would be of interest? Thanks again for your insight....if there is anything else that you can tell me, I would greatly appreciate it

Subject:Re: Chinese scroll info
Posted By: hallo Mon, Jan 28, 2008

The writing on the painting said "written by Xue Ju Ke Hong on some autumn day" (Written means painted in the context of writing nature. The expression is used before the republic era, since then we now see modern expressions of painted by. Surprisingly a lot of modern repo can be spotted this way.) The calligraphy style is consistent with the artist in question. The chop mark read "Xue Ju". All consistent with Sun Ke Hong.

You won't find many english sources on him simply because there isn't as much interest on chinese scrolls as there is on porcelain and jade. Google the chinese characters I have provided if you want more info on him. If your browser does not show these characters, try installing the asian language support for windows.

If it was a ming dynasty painting then it would be over 400 years old. It is said that usually well made ink would not dry out in under 300 years. If you can take your finger and lightly brush across the black characters to see it there is little bumps or crystallization on the ink surface. The appearance of protrusions means two things. Either this has been fire treated or it is a original Ming painting.

You will then need to send it to a lab to test the age and evidence of tempering in linen/paper/silk.

Remember that everything is circumstantial there is no exact way to tell if the painting is real or an extremely well made fake.

Subject:Re: Chinese scroll info
Posted By: Meyer Sat, Jan 20, 2018

What an interesting topic, I also often use an iPhone, but did not try lenses! Maybe you will also like these ideas

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