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Subject:George Zee &CO Kiln Dried Art
Posted By: Audrey Fri, Dec 28, 2007 IP:

Inquiring the value of art piece no. 53-25442.
George Zee & CO
Kiln Dried art carved furniture
122. Nathan Road, Kowlgon Hong Kong no.53-25442

Subject:Re: George Zee &Co Kiln Dried Art
Posted By: Cal Sun, Dec 30, 2007


Zee company had line of furniture 'art carved.' Word 'art' in style not always mean 'fine art,' any person or company can use word.

This forum main purpose identify works of art, not give value object.

You already know is furniture or maybe box, manufacturer. You not say if cabinet, bar, table.

'53' mean made 1953. Zee a furniture factory. Many pieces had carved pieces inset, carvers not identified. Maybe one person carve part scenery, maybe another carve person, maybe another carve face, another sand smooth.

No specialty market used furniture. Is not 'art' market. Web search show many examples this company products, can find what some willing to pay if search term include type of furniture your piece. Maybe some pay more if like the carving, color and type wood, if structure and finish in top condition, no crack or split.

Good luck,

Subject:Re: George Zee &Co Kiln Dried Art
Posted By: Richard C. Childress Mon, Jan 01, 2018

have 63 large coffee table 60x34 with a glass top/ no#63-80788 any information would be helpful | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |