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Subject:Art panel/painting_signature?
Posted By: Petra Kall Wed, Feb 17, 2021 IP:

Dear all, I hope anyone ar able to identify the signature and piece of art (bought in Taiwan back in 1989).

I send the full size painting in seperate mail due to limited weight.

Kind regards Petra

Subject:Re: Art panel/painting_signature?
Posted By: I.Nagy Sat, Feb 20, 2021

仙源尋幽 - Hermits as a matter of course are looking for a quiet retreat
庚午年 - Year of Metal-Horse (..1690,1750...)
翰陽  - Kanyō  - Pseudonym
Upper seal,
松林叟 - Shōrin -sō - Old Man Shōrin
Starting seal,
吉祥如意 - Good luck according to your wishes.

Let me set aside the appreciation seals.

Unidentifiable Japanese name. Four Kanō School painter used this middle given name;
Kanō Shōrin Yoshinobu 狩野松林喜信 1st and 6th gen.
狩野松林淳信 Kanō Shōrin Atsunobu 1st and 3rd gen.
I couldn't find out which of these four artists
used the Kanyō pseudonyhm - maybe none of them.

This is a reproduction of an unidentifiable picture, possibly Chinese copy of a picture by Japanese artist. On the following link you can find 8 repros from the same painter with the very same seals, including the appreciation seals.

With regards,

Subject:Re: Art panel/painting_signature?
Posted By: Petra Kall Sun, Feb 21, 2021

THANKS A LOT for all your help with getting to understand the motive and for a possible background of the painter. Much appreciated, thanks!

Kindly regards Petra | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |