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Subject:Chinese painting author?
Posted By: James Tue, Feb 16, 2021 IP:

Hi all. I have been researching on this painting for a couple of weeks but I'm unable to find any information on it.

I would be grateful if anybody is able to identify the author of this painting and what does it say?

Also, I was wondering if this is a authentic or reproduction painting?

Thank you.

Subject:Re: Chinese painting author?
Posted By: I.Nagy Thu, Feb 18, 2021


At my home, I wash the inkstone under the tree by the pond
When the flowers bloom, one can see the color of pale ink on the petals
I don't need to praise the color of flowers
I only care about the the pure scent that fills the heaven and earth

A seven character quatrain titled "The Ink Plum" (墨梅)composed by Wang Mian (王冕) of the Yuan Dynasty

歸性照 - Guī Xìngzhào - Surname and given name
Upper seal,
忄角 炅召 Xìngzhào
(Bot characters are alternative forms; 忄角→性、
Lower seal,
□静 - □jìng - Pseudonym
(I can't decipher the first character)

Unidentifiable artist,

It is battered, but seems to be original. 

With regards,
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