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Subject:Identifying Octagon Platter From 1830's
Posted By: Ron B. Sun, Feb 14, 2021 IP:

Hello. I recently purchased an octagon shaped platter at auction, that was described as "Early 1830's Canton Chinese Platter With Peacock Design". I am unable to identify or price it and am hoping someone can help with some info that might point me in the right direction.

I have a group of images at


Link :1830's Chiese Platter

Subject:Re: Identifying Octagon Platter From 1830's
Posted By: Dan D Tue, Feb 16, 2021

Hi Ron,

First its Japanese! Meiji period most likely. That double ring on the bottom is always done by the Japanese. This glaze style is commonly called "Sometsuke-Seiji style". 'Sometsuke-Seiji' refers to the combination of styles used on one piece, 'sometsuke' is the underglaze blue painting and 'seiji' the Japanese word for Celadon. If its over 10" its called 'Ozara'. The design technique is called 'Sen-gaki' or painting done in very fine lines (literally translates as 'drawing the outline'). Its a really nice piece but it's not signed but doing some research based on that info should get you a good price to see if you got a bargain! Everyone calls everything Chinese these days because it sells!


Subject:Re: Identifying Octagon Platter From 1830's
Posted By: Ron B. Wed, Feb 17, 2021

Good morning Dan and thank you very much for sharing your amazing knowledge! Very impressive and I must say you pointed me in directions I never would have explored. After a few hours of research on Google, I found that there seems to be a nearly endless number of patterns, all similar to the next, in certain ways. I will continue to try and fine an exact match to the pattern on my piece, but out of curiosity, I paid just shy of $80 for the Platter at auction. Do you by chance, think I did OK, or overpaid? I just thought with the beautiful condition it is in, the size, which by the way is roughly 12" x 9.5" and the fact that it an octagon shaped platter, I had to bid.

Thanks again for all your wonderful knowledge.

Subject:Re: Identifying Octagon Platter From 1830's
Posted By: Dan D Sat, Feb 20, 2021

Hi Ron,

Its a beautiful pattern, in fact, when looking up other designs it's definitely one of the nicer patterns. With the size and pattern you didn't overpay. Its a beautiful piece! The sale prices are fairly random ranging everywhere from $100 to $600 for this glaze style. The finer the detail the more people pay for it. If its a rare pattern the prices go up. Definitely do more research on it!

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