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Subject:three little Netsuke
Posted By: Zita B Thu, Feb 04, 2021 IP: 2601:602:8e80:e8e0:8

Hello there,
I am trying to identify these three nicely carved netsuke.
One of them appears to have a signature, the others don't.
Anyone able to give me any information on them maybe?
They are just so exquisitely done, I wanted to know more about them.
Thank you!

Subject:Re: three little Netsuke
Posted By: Stan Fri, Feb 05, 2021

Your netsuke are of middlin' quality. The rings around the himotoshi (holes) are indicative of the 20th century. I would guess the late 20th century.

We have a few netsuke. Compare the quality of the carving of the animal in your 3rd netsuke to the water buffalo (circa 1930) below, for example.

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