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Subject:Teacups :) !
Posted By: Miss. N. Davids Tue, Feb 02, 2021 IP:

I recieved these ‘Asian’ teacups but I am curious about their origin. So, how old they are, the meaning of the mark etc.. I do not know much about the Asian culture so please help me :) I would love to know more of these cups ! Thanks in advance, I really appreciate it! :)

Subject:Re: Teacups :) !
Posted By: Martin Michels Wed, Feb 03, 2021

What you have is Japanese Hirado from around 1900, marked:
Haikito 早岐戸 (or Haikido?) - Iwaka 岩佳 Zo 造
= Haikito - Made by Iwaka.

Iwaka might be the decorator, Haikito the manufacturer.
However, I could not found any information on both names. I did find another cup and saucer with the same names and the statement that it is Hirado ware.

Subject:Re: Teacups :) !
Posted By: I.Nagy Thu, Feb 04, 2021

Haiki, Toiwazumi-zō - Haiki, Made by Toiwazumi

Haiki is an old town name in Higashisonogi District in Nagasaki Prefecture, now a part of Sasebo City, close to Arita. Produced Mikawachi-ware in several kilns in the Meiji period.

With regards,

Subject:Re: Teacups :) !
Posted By: Davis Sun, Feb 07, 2021

Thankyou so much for your response! My last question is if the maker his legacy is still alive or if this art is very commen or special?

Thanks in advance! x

Subject:Re: Teacups :) !
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Feb 07, 2021

Dear Miss Davids,
This maker, like many other dozens of late Meiji export oriented makers have simply disappeared without trace in early 20th century.

With regards,

Subject:Re: Teacups :) !
Posted By: Annemarie Tue, Feb 09, 2021

Very interesting to hear and also nice to read how Japanese ceramics in that area developed around 1900.
I was just wondering if you also know what they were used for? From a Western view point they look like teacups with a lid. but are they?
And one more question. You mention 'export oriented makers'. Does that mean they were ment to be exported to Europe?
Because if so their usage may also be more Western than Japanese.

Thanks so much for your time!
kind regards,

Subject:Re: Teacups :) !
Posted By: Martin Michels Mon, Feb 08, 2021

This kind of multi-color Hirado Mikawachi ware is not uncommon, I own a number of lidded cups and saucers like this myself.
However, not with this signature, I've never seen these names before. Although I almost had all Kanji right, trust the translation by I.Nagy, he is more experienced with the Japanese language than I am.
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