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Subject:Help to find the artist
Posted By: Clasad Sat, Jan 30, 2021 IP:

I have this lovely paint.
I would to know who made this.
Does someone recognize the artist?
Many thanks for your help.

Subject:Re: Help to find the artist
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Jan 31, 2021


Futari de ayumu tōi michi mo kutabirenai
We can'tget tired of the distant road that we walk together
サトウハチロー - Satō Hachirō
縢 - Toji (Close)

複製許可  - Copy Permitted
スマイル社 - Smile Company

詩 サトウハチロー 先生 - Poem; Master Satō Hachirō
画 水野千齢 先生   -  Picture; Master Mizuno Chitose

With regards,
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