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Subject:Satsuma mark Kinkozan?
Posted By: Karina von Matt Tue, Jan 26, 2021 IP: 2a02:120b:2c6b:c170:

Dear everyone loving asian art!
I desperately hope to find someone who will translate this Satsuma mark for me. Could it be related to the the Kinkozan studio? Please let me know if you need further information, thanks!
Regards from snowy Switzerland!

Subject:Re: Satsuma mark Kinkozan?
Posted By: Martin Michels Tue, Jan 26, 2021

First, this is not a Satsuma mark but a Kutani ware mark.
The mark reads:
Kaga 加賀 Kuni 国 - Watano 綿野 Sei 製 - Nishimura 西村 Byo 描
(Kaga province - Made by Watano - Drawing by Nishimura).

Kaga is a province in the Kutani region.

Watano is Watano Kichiji (1859-1934). He took over the shop Watano Shoten in Kobe from his father Watano Genuemon around 1877 and it became well-known under the name of Watano Kichiji Shoten (shop).
In 1880 Watano Kichiji moved his shop from Kobe to Yokohama.

Nishimura Saichi is the painter. He worked in Kutani for the Watano Kichiji Shoten in Yokohama.
There are marks known with the full name Nishimura Saichi, see my picture.

So date: around 1880-1920.
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