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Subject:My first Chinese Painting, help with Transtlation
Posted By: JJ Tue, Jan 12, 2021 IP:

My first Chinese Art Piece-recently found in California. Can anyone translate or give me any information on the artist, style, and/or history? I believe is done on silk. 52 inches (132cm) in height by 22 inches (56cm) in width. Thank you.

Subject:Re: My first Chinese Painting, help with Transtlation
Posted By: I.Nagy Wed, Jan 13, 2021

維仙之居 既清且虚 一泉一石 可詩可圖
The home of immortals is kept clear and empty
with one spring and one rock
Can be poeticized or can be pictured

In the Year of Fire-Sheep (1787)
In the 3rd Ten Days Period of the First Month of Winter (October -lunar)
夕庵居士 張崟 - Xian-jushi Zhang Yin
Upper seal,
張桯 - Zhang Cheng
Lower seal,
I can't decipher

Zhang Yin 張崟 1761-1829
Xian-jushi (Scholar of the Sunset Hut) - Pseudonym
Writer, historian, calligrapher and painter of the late Ming and early Qing dynasties.
Native of Dantu (Zhejiang) Jiangsu. Lived in Hangzhou. He was born into a wealthy family of officials. He was good at painting of landscapes, flowers and grasses, and bamboos and stones.

The text is an inscription on a cliff in Wenzhou from the Tang Dynasty.

Your painting is a copy. If it were original, it would be worth of a smaller fortune.

With regards,
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