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Subject:Old Raku chawan
Posted By: Michael S. Wed, Dec 16, 2020 IP: 2a02:8071:b6d5:cc00:

Dear Mr. Nagy, dear everyone,

first of all let me thank you again for sharing your great knowledge with us. I have another signature in one of my chawan with which I need help. It‘s from an old Raku chawan, probably late Meiji period. I hope you can help me. Thanks a lot.

Subject:Re: Old Raku chawan
Posted By: I.Nagy Thu, Dec 17, 2020

Marking reads,
入道叟 - Nyudō-sō - Old man Nyudō (Lay monk)

Was the other name of Itō Saisō 伊東才叟 1886-1972

With regards,
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