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Subject:Information on silk prints
Posted By: Elliott Wed, Dec 16, 2020 IP:

Could you possibly help me find out some more information about these silk prints my grandad gave me?

I'd like to know what the writing and seal means and if there is a heritage or story behind any of the paintings.

Any help we be truly appreciated!


Subject:Re: Information on silk prints
Posted By: I.Nagy Thu, Dec 17, 2020

赤芬作 - Painted by Chifen
赤芬仿宋人法 - Chifeng imitating the Song Dynasty painters
赤芬作於和徳堂 - Painted by Chifeng at Hedetang Hall
棕淦沈思 - Zonggan sinking in herself
赤芬作  - Painted by Chifeng
赤芬仿古 - Chifeng imitating old masters

The seals are illegibly blurred.

Chifeng 赤芬 -(Bare Fragrance) - Pseudonym (Female)

Unidentifiable artist probaby from late Qing Dynasty.

With regards,
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