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Subject:Help with chinese painting scroll inscriptions
Posted By: MB Mon, Dec 14, 2020 IP: 2804:14c:36:8d46:703

Hello everyone,

I would like to request your valuable help in identifying these inscriptions.
I can post more photos if needed.

Subject:Re: Help with chinese painting scroll inscriptions
Posted By: I.Nagy Tue, Dec 15, 2020

南蘋沈銓 - Nanpin Shen Quan
沈銓   - Shen Quan

Collectors' seals,
東明山八之印 - Seal of Dongmingshan - ba
嘉慶御覧之寶 - Treasure Seen by Jiaqing

Shen Quan 沈銓 1682-1760
Nanpin - courtesy name
Qing Dynasty Chinese painter. Specialized in bird-and-flower painting.

Probably a museum repro.

With regards,
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