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Subject:Carved plaque
Posted By: GEORGE DEPOZSGAY Wed, Nov 18, 2020 IP: 2600:1700:ba20:3750:

Thank you for allowing this post. I have had this art on my wall for some time. Curious about origin (other than Chinese) as in era and artist if possible. I see items like this offered for sale on the internet ranging from hundreds to thousands in asking price. Would like to know what separates the extremes in value estimates. Also would appreciate any opinion about this piece including estimated value. Dimensions are 16 1/4 in. high; 12 1/2 wide; 2+ deep. Do not know type of wood.


Subject:Re: Carved plaque
Posted By: antigone Thu, Nov 19, 2020


It seems to be golden wood, perhaps you can make test gold at a jeweller.
for me it could be chinese because it depicts Traditional Chinese dance, the Lion Dance, also known as the Lion’s Lantern, is performed during parties and major events such as the Spring Festival (or Chinese New Year). Dressed in a lion costume, the dancers imitate the different movements and behaviors of the animal to the rhythm of the drum and gong beats.

According to popular belief, the lion (symbol of strength of courage and wisdom) is considered a “lucky animal”. For this reason, the lion dance takes place during holidays and other celebrations in the hope of attracting luck

It could come from a furniture or a temple, destroyed during cultural revolution,

Yours seems to be quite good quality and well done, prices are very different from sellers and countries for these items, if gold it could be a good price,


Subject:Re: Carved plaque
Posted By: GEORGE DEPOZSGAY Fri, Nov 20, 2020

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