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Subject:painting on silk : artist?
Posted By: manuD Tue, Nov 17, 2020 IP: 2a01:e34:edc9:7c50:7

I would be thankful for information on the artist who painted this. I am sorry I cannot post a better picture, this painting is for sale at an auction.

Subject:Re: painting on silk : artist?
Posted By: I.Nagy Thu, Nov 19, 2020

百鶴呈祥 - Happiness brought by hundred cranes
(The first "百" character is missing from the picture)
辛卯年春 - In the Spring of the Year of Metal-Rabbit (1711)
南蘋沈銓 - Nanpin Shen Quan
Seals are illegibly smudged.

Shen Quan 1682-1760
Nanpin was his coutesy name. Native of Deqing, Zhejiang. Specilaized in bird-and-flower painting.
He was hired to Japan and lived in Nagasaki for three years (1731-33), which had a great influence on the Japanese painting scene.

With regards,

Subject:Re: painting on silk : artist?
Posted By: manuD Thu, Nov 19, 2020

thank you very much, Mr. Nagy, this was very helpful. With your information, I found a Chinese appraisal of an almost identical scroll, stating that it is a fake, so mine is certainly also a recent copy. | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |