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Subject:Asian Urn or Vase
Posted By: SouthernScot Fri, Nov 13, 2020 IP: 2603:6081:1902:7d7e:

Would appreciate any ideas or information with respect to this urn/vase.

Height: 7" ~ 17.78cm
Base Diameter: 4" ~ 10.16 cm
Opening Diameter: 6.75" ~ 17.145 cm

Subject:Re: Asian Urn or Vase
Posted By: Mark Adams Sat, Nov 14, 2020

Nice vase you have posted.
In my opinion it's Japanese and probably from the early 20th century.
Sort of resembles works by fukagawa but it's unmarked.
[email protected]

Subject:Re: Asian Urn or Vase
Posted By: Bill H Sat, Nov 14, 2020

This piece is Japanese and may be a vase or planter for flowers, if not a censer of the type for planting joss sticks in sand, which would not heat up the low foot rim. I associate this form and applied dragon decoration with the Seto kilns, and the first two pictures appended below probably also are Seto porcelain pieces, based on the palette and decoration. The first is a larger jardinière(approx. 10-in diam.) with a nonprofessional drain hole (not shown) knocked into the bottom, with the second being an umbrella stand (approx. 9.5 in. diam.). The third is a large polychrome porcelain stand (approx. 1 foot in diam. at base), which has similar dragons and also is unmarked. I've never firmly identified it but give it a 50-50 chance of being Seto as well.

Best regards,

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